44124 Teeth Whitening

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Every year, millions across the nation ask their dentist about what professional teeth whitening can do for them. At Lyndhurst Family Dental, we’re proud to offer a range of cosmetic services to accentuate the beauty and vitality of your smile. Our dentist is highly skilled in delivering the most exquisite results for our patients. Whether you’re interested in a smile makeover with veneers, custom restorative crowns and dental implants, or our professional 44124 teeth whitening services, we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.
It’s no secret that products designed to whiten your teeth have increased in popularity. From strips to gels, pastes to rinses, it’s hardy possible to walk down the aisle for toothpaste without seeing one of them. But if you ask a professional about how to achieve quality results, you may find that those over-the-counter options don’t quite make the grade. In fact, a number of them have been found to contain abrasive ingredients, which can cause harm to the tissues of the mouth. Consulting with your dentist to determine your best option is always an excellent plan. As your dentist, your oral health is our top priority, and we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals safely, effectively, and more often than not, in far less time! In fact, when you come to our office for a professional 44124 teeth whitening treatment, you can leave with a smile that’s as much as 8 shades brighter in a single visit! And because we’re dedicated to making visits to our office as convenient as they are rewarding, we also offer a portable whitening kit, capable of producing brilliant results around your busy schedule.
If you’re considering your options for 44124 teeth whitening, we’d like to steer you in the right direction! To schedule your cosmetic consultation with a skilled dentist, dedicated to your safety and oral health, contact Lyndhurst Family Dental today!

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