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Cavities are the end result of dental decay, so knowing as much as possible about what causes that decay, the symptoms that identify it, and how to prevent it is key to maintaining strong, healthy teeth. Our Mayfield Heights dentist is dedicated to helping you avoid the consequences of dental decay and the cavities it forms.

The cause of dental decay is the sticky, invisible film called plaque, and the hardened version of it, tartar, that develops over time. Plaque itself can be traced back to the sugar and starch in your diet. Sugar is typically thought of as what you find in baked goods, sodas, and ice cream, for a few examples. What is less obvious is that there is sugar in condiments like ketchup and salsa, as well as in many packaged cereals, even ones you wouldn’t think of like “plain” corn or wheat flakes. Even no-sugar added fruit juice has plenty in it. Starches are represented by  pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread, among others. The symptoms of cavities that our Mayfield Heights dentist wants to you to be aware of are toothaches, and sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. What is the best way to prevent dental decay in the first place? Keep your sugar and starch limited in your diet, brush your teeth first thing each morning, and last thing each night, and floss your teeth thoroughly at bedtime, too. And to address tartar buildup, which cannot be done with at-home oral hygiene, see our Mayfield Heights dentist two times per year for a complete examination, including a teeth cleaning.
While it’s fresh in your mind, please reach out to our office right now and let us set up your next visit for an exam and cleaning. Show dental decay and cavities that they won’t get the best of you.